Professional Cleaning Services

For Your Building and Everyone Within It

Janitorial Services

Regardless of how big or small your house is, you can count on the devoted team at A & J Cleaning Service, LLC to do a fantastic job each and every time we visit. Spend less time cleaning and more time engaging in your favorite activities. Make using the best house cleaning services a regular thing!

We can all agree that feeling comfortable and at ease in your home is greatly helped by cleanliness. We are also aware that a single day is not long enough to complete everything.  We are aware that cleaning floors comes after family activities, work, and other commitments. Due to the fact that every home is different, we provide a range of cleaning services.

Medical Facility

With our medical cleaning services, A & J Cleaning Service, LLC can keep your doctor’s office, medical facility, or clinic spotless. Our services use EPA-approved cleaning agents and adhere to all CDC recommendations.

Just let us know if you’re not satisfied with how we performed, and we’ll come back out to make it right. That is our unconditional promise of satisfaction. Also, since you won’t ever trust any firm to clean your site again after seeing our work, we don’t require long-term contracts.

Educational Facility

You need a business that is committed, professional, and trustworthy when picking a commercial cleaning company to keep your school or education facility clean and healthy.

One of the top commercial cleaning firms is A & J Cleaning Service, LLC. We offer superior cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting services at competitive pricing. We are bonded, insured, and certified. Every member of our qualified team is committed to keeping your toilets, cafeteria, and classrooms germ-free at the beginning of every new school day.

Commercial Cleaning

A & J Cleaning Service, LLC offers commercial cleaning services according to your needs. We are dedicated to giving your staff and clients a safe and healthy working environment, whether they work in hospitals or industrial warehouses.

We are dedicated to giving your customers and workers a healthy working environment. For your unique needs, we provide a number of customized cleaning options. Our objective is to make your business shine with our higher quality of clean, whether it involves one facility or multiple.

Post Construction

It can feel like a never-ending process, from dealing with the contractors to putting up with the obnoxious noise and dust. When a project is over, the contractors might give the area a quick once-over, but they probably won’t get rid of all the dust and grime that likes to lurk in crevices.

Cleaning should be the last thing on your mind. In order for you to enjoy your newly remodeled space, we offer first-rate post-construction cleaning services. In order to meet and surpass our clients’ expectations, our staff collaborates closely with them. surpass their anticipations.

Let’s Start Cleaning Your Workplace!

We Care For Your Business

Cleaning For Workplace

Green Cleaning

The future of our environment, our customers’ health, and the security of our staff are all very important to A & J Cleaning Service, LLC. The majority of the products we use, such as our cleaning supplies, toilet paper, hand towels, and soap, are environmentally friendly.

Also, our qualified crew has undergone in-depth instruction on how to effectively clean with green products. The minimal packaging of our products helps save waste and costs, allowing us to give our customers the most affordable prices.

Carpet Cleaning

You want to be able to enjoy your carpeting without having to worry about things like tough stains, ingrained dirt, accumulated dust, and other debris. This is why it’s crucial to regularly have your carpets professionally cleaned.

Your local expert in carpet cleaning is A & J Cleaning Service, LLC. You will have a difficult time finding a team of experts with close attention to detail than ours when it comes to providing first-rate carpet cleaning services.  All of the carpet cleaning methods we employ are thoroughly trained by our experienced carpet cleaning staff.

Pressure Washing

Power washing is another area of expertise for A & J Cleaning Service, LLC. It employs more water pressure while still using the ideal combination of water and cleaning agents to thoroughly clean surfaces.

Our power washing services are ideal if you need to clean a more durable surface, such as a driveway or parking lot if you need stronger water pressure to remove tougher stains if you need the job done immediately, or if you intend to repaint or refinish the surface, power washing can easily remove old paint or stains.

Window Cleaning​

Dirt, dust, and soil can accumulate over time on your windows, giving them a dingy appearance and reducing the curb appeal of your home. All of your windows will be spotless since A & J Cleaning Service, LLC window washers can access any window on your house or place of business, including the highest, most difficult-to-reach windows.

The majority of people opt to use window cleaning products from the market, however, they frequently leave streaks and residue behind. We specialize in employing soft washing methods to remove all the grime without hurting your windows or causing streaks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people will clean?

We send the appropriate number of cleaners to clean it thoroughly in the allotted length of time. We deploy two cleaners to thoroughly clean a 30sqm house or workplace. As the area grows, this will change. While making your reservation, we will inform you.

How much do you charge?

Depending on what you need and where you are located, our prices change. We charge according to the size of your area if you want the complete service.

Are you bringing your own tools and supplies?

Everything you require, including cleaning materials, cleaning equipment, transportation for the cleaners, and their meals, are included in our comprehensive thorough cleaning service. Only the man hours you require for cleaning are provided by our handy assistant service.

Do you allow specific requests?

Our goal is to make every cleaning service visit unique for our customers. If you have any unique requirements, do inform us in advance.

What brand of vacuum do you use, and what cleaning products?

To guarantee the level of cleanliness, we exclusively use industrial-grade vacuums and cleaning materials. When every cleaning of a client’s facility is completed, all of our vacuums are kept in good condition and sterilized. Each of our liquid cleaning products is concentrated to the level of cleaning needed for a single deep cleaning session. All of our liquid cleaning products have BFAD approval.

How much time will the cleaning take?

The duration of the cleaning process may change based on the furnishings, the amount of accumulated dirt, any particular requirements, etc. With our deep cleaning packages, we guarantee that your workplace is spotless before we depart.

What happens if I have to change the cleaning appointment?

We would appreciate it if you could notify us 24 hours prior to the scheduled date and time of cleaning if you feel the need to do so.

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